Why Are You Looking For The Best Network Marketing Business?

The first question that needs to be asked on this is ‘what makes the best network marketing business?’  Let me give you an idea of what is important when you are looking for that best networking marketing business for yourself:

1.  Product or service specialised to a target audience.

2.  Dedicated to providing customers with the highest level of service.


What Is The Best Network Marketing Business?

Simple – look in the mirror!  And now the missing link question -

What are the basics of the best network marketing opportunity?

1.  You become your own boss.

2.  You are in control!

3.  You choose how much time, how much effort and how much money.

4.  Your input dictates your output!  Your investment dictates your return!  You put in the effort and you reap the rewards.

5.  Know that, unlike some claims by unscrupulous network marketing companies – you will NOT make tens of thousands of dollars per month working only a few hours per week!  Ok – maybe you can, but it will take months, maybe years of effort and commitment – hours to build a network of clients to support those figures – especially for the best networking marketing business!

The Best Network Marketing BusinessNetwork Marketing Scams!

6.  The really important basic is start-up costs.  These are minimal in comparison to other businesses.  As long as you have on-tap advice, you really don’t need business experience or knowledge either.

Best Network Marketing BusinessLook In The Mirror At The Best Network Marketing Business!

How Can Network Marketing Business Opportunities Help Me?

First is the flexibility of time.  If you only have 2 or 3 hours a day for a new venture, then network marketing allows you to do this.  It’s up to you – not a boss breathing down your neck!

As long as you have a passion for what you are selling – whether it’s a product or service.  If you don’t – you won’t put in the effort.  there will be no pleasure and that shows!

Best Network Marketing businessNo Pleasure In Network Marketing – It shows!

The Dream – The Best Networking Marketing Business

The dream is – you now own your own business!  You are now an entrepreneur!  Your dreams are there for you to now achieve!  All this can be slow at the beginning, but hey, if something is worth having, it’s worth working at!  right?  Each week, each month will show the fruit of your efforts.  The elation of that first sale!  Your confidence in yourself grows – YOU CAN DO THIS!

With this you can become totally financially free!  It’s your choice!  they are your dreams!  They are your goals!  How much do you want them?

Anyone can do network marketing.  There are no barriers to age, gender, experience, being computer or tech-savvy.

Does this answer the original question?  Why are you looking for the best network marketing business?

Feeling Your Way Forward

Jane Selwyn-James


The Steps To Success In Your Internet Business

We know that the internet is where its at.  We know that if we don’t leverage this amazing highway that we will get left behind.  We also know what we don’t know – and that is vast! So what are the steps to success in your internet business?  How do you start?  What is the first and second steps?  How not to get confused and overwhelmed? Who to follow?  What to do?

The Steps To Success In Your Internet business

The First Steps To Success:

The most important thing to remember is that you have to go at your own pace!  You are not the same as everyone else!  You may have a full-time job, a part-time job, be a mom with a family at home – for all of these reasons your time is defined by what else you have in your life.  Your pace at which you learn and implement is defined by these things.  Not comparison with others and then beating yourself up because you are not keeping up with them!

Always remember that what you do does not need to be perfect when you start!  This is the classic mistake that so many make – we want our ads to look great – we want our videos to sing – we want our articles to jump out at people with their perfection!  Except that this takes time!  It is so much more important to take the action – take the steps and get it done!  Perfection comes with time and experience only!  The greatest names out there made horrible videos at the beginning – their words!  Go and look at the original videos on You-tube of David Wood, Gregg Davison, Jonathan Budd, Mike Dillard and the rest!  the joys of video is that they are there forever!  But it gives us lesser mortals a chance to see the quality of their original works!  Not perfect! But taking action and trial and error is what makes it work!

The Steps To Success On Facebook

We know that Facebook is a huge media for marketers today – with over 900 million subscribers why wouldn’t it be?  Yes, they are quirky.  Yes, they have really strict rules and regulations for advertising – which change regularly :) , but when you know your niche and you know the avatar you wish to work with – you can refine your ad within their guidelines and still target your audience!

So you want to place your first ad on Facebook – closely follow their rules and regulations first – don’t get excited and try to target a million people!  This will affect your click-through rate (CTR) and Facebook will penalise you with higher charges as a result.  Be really focused on your target – maybe one precise interest is enough.  Make sure your ad is congruent with that interest whoever or whatever it is – try not to go above an audience of 5,000.  split your ad and try targeting different age groups.  Give them 12-24 hours to see the effect.  Change what is not working but do it in stages – image maybe wrong – change that first and then check again.  If that changes the CTR then great – if not, then perhaps tweak the subject line of the ad and then run again.  Just change one thing at a time until you get a good CTR of above 0.1% for the beginning!

A tip on this is not to spend more than $50 on your entire campaign with Facebook.  You are just looking for the first result and then tweaking, testing and tracking accordingly.

Just remember that it does not have to be perfect!

The Steps to Success – Taking Action

Always implement anything you have learned!  check it again and again in case you missed something!  This is the way to improve your results!  Every training you undertake – implement each and every thing!  Become an expert at each step.  Conquer Facebook before moving onto the next item on your list!  One thing at a time so that overwhelm doesn’t take hold!  Remember – that by coaching yourself it gives you the expertise to coach others!

Always look for all opportunities to serve others – this is what leaders do!  Avoid overwhelm and you win!

Steps To Success

Final Pointers On Steps To Success

Remember to ask for help – in forums, groups or mentorship programmes.  Don’t move if you are stuck!  People love to give advice!

You only need to focus on ‘action outcome’ of each step you learn.

Remember – we were all beginners – you have to go through this process. There is NO success without sweat!

Remember your vision always! Understand it will never be created unless you commit 100% to this process!

Remember to enjoy your learning, challenges and all experiences leading to growing! Enjoy the steps to Success!


Success is a journey!  Enjoy the journey!  Failures are just more steps to success!


I am so with you!

Feeling Your Way Forward.

Feeling Your Way To Success

Jane Selwyn-James

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Is Your Life Like Using Chopsticks?

Mmmm – strange subject line – yes?  Chopsticks?  What have they got to do with my life I wonder?  Obviously this is an analogy – but bear with me  and all will become clear!  I will keep it simple and just see what resonates with you and perhaps ask yourselves why!

"Is Your Life Like Using Chopsticks"

Everything you pick up……

You just drop again……


There you are…

With a wonderful, tempting chinese meal in front of you…

Bowls of the most delicious colours, with the most amazing smells coming from them….

You are starving…You have looked forward to this meal in Chinatown for days now..

And then you realise…

there is no knife… No Fork….


Is Your Life Like Using Chopsticks

Uh Oh!  Never used them before!  What am I supposed to do with them?

Ok – you get a grip of yourself…

I mean, how hard can this really be?  Children are using chopsticks around me!

The Lesson Of Chopsticks


You keep trying…

You are determined…

You are hungry…

Nearly – Nearly – Oops – gone again!!  Me or the chopsticks?


Now you are REALLY hungry!

Absolutely determined…

Utterly focused…

Utterly committed…

Your grip is firm…


Is Your Life Like Using Chopsticks

And, YES – you got it – FINALLY!  I have subdued the chopsticks!

This is your life – this is your business.  Like chopsticks.  Only determination and drive and

focus and commitment will get you there.

The Analogy Of Chopsticks


If you want the dream…

To achieve your goal…

To live the life you KNOW you deserve…

Then you have to take the steps to make it work!


So many people just state a wish list.  And it is just that – and stays just that!  A wish cannot ever be fulfilled without taking some action to make it happen!  How much effort are we prepared to put into it?  How much time are we prepared to commit?  What are we prepared to give up to make it happen for us?  Ask yourselves these questions. And like the chopsticks – it is your effort that changes everything.

How many say that it is just too hard – when really they mean that they can’t be bothered to make the effort.  Entrepreneurs are made of stern stuff – they have to be.  It is their business they are fighting for.  It is their life they choose to change. They are committed to a goal.  That goal keeps driving them forward every day.

Do you have a goal?

Do you have a dream?

Do you have a life waiting out there for you?

Do you have a family that deserves more of you, your time and your commitment to them?

If the answers to any are, yes – then begin now.  Take a step forward.  Make a choice to do it differently in your life.  What you believe will happen for you.  You create what you believe.  So ask yourself that question as well…

What do you believe?  What have you created already?  Do you like what you have created?

Now is the time to make the difference – not tomorrow – it never comes.  Today, now is the perfect moment to stand up and be counted.  Don’t miss out on the greatest chance of our times to turn your life into that perfect dream.  Don’t sit on the sidelines watching others do it.  Get up! Get off the fence! Dig deep inside you – find that huge power within!  Start your search for that dream!

If your goal is worth it – you will do it!

Now you have finally conquered chopsticks!  You will never not know how again!  You are now a master of them!  Don’t waste what you have learned!

Use your chopsticks lesson wisely! Here is a way to use it - simply & profitably!

Here’s to Your Success In All Things!

"How To Identify Your Avatar"


How To Identify Your Avatar

This is probably the most important part of your marketing – who is your target?  Who is your avatar?  What is an avatar?  Why is it important to have an avatar in the first place?
This has nothing to do with that wonderful film ‘Avatar’ with amazing blue aliens however!!

What Is An Avatar?

An avatar is basically your ideal business partner.  Try not to view your avatar as your customer that you are selling to.  These are people who will ‘invest’ in their own business – and that is what you are offering them if they are a good fit with you and your business!  Your avatar is a person who will understand the value of top tier products and buy without resistance.


Who Is Your Perfect Avatar?

These are people who:

- have a burning desire for success

- have the financial resources needed

- understand the need to invest in their future

- typically – high achievers, somewhat successful in their career or prior business.


How To Identify Your Avatar

Your Perfect Avatar

Profile Of Your Ideal Avatar

1.  An existing or former business owner.

2.  Real estate investors or realtors

3.  Network marketers and/or MLM’ers

4.  Corporate executives, CEOs, vice presidents, directors, managers, sales executives, high sales earners.
5.  Internet marketers, affiliate marketers

Communicating Your Ad To Your Ideal Avatar

It is really important to stand out from the crowd in advertising.  Getting the domain name right – getting the ad words right – appealing to their pain.  Finding out what is their pain.  Putting their pain and the solution in the ad.  Ensuring that it is ABSOLUTELY CONGRUENT  with the landing page you are sending them to.  So many out there have domain names of getrichquick.com, makemoneyovernight.com, etc.  This doesn’t speak to the pain of your avatar – this is just one of millions who are mudslinging and have no focus on who their target really is.

So how do you define your target?  How do you begin to understand who they are, what they want, what their pain is, where they hang out, how you can help them?

What is the world in which your avatar lives?  You have to learn the marketing language to speak in in all of your marketing to your avatar.  You are speaking to your avatar’s world, understanding their wants, their needs and their problems.  Don’t focus on you – focus on them!  Money is only made when your product, service or business solves your avatar’s  problems.  That’s what they will pay you for!

Identifying Your Avatar – Checklist

Fill this in as if you were your perfect avatar.  Choose a name, age and business for yourself and the pain that may come with the business you are currently in.  Get inside it and get inside their mind.  Feel what they need and how you can offer what will help solve their pain.

1.  Who is your buyer, what is their name? (eg Charles Smith)

2.  What is their age? (eg 35 plus)

3.  What do they do for a living? (eg franchise owner of say pizza franchise)

4.  How much money do they earn each month? (eg $10,000)

5.  What  bothers them the most about their current life? (eg working 80 hours a week with no time for life, family or holidays)

6.  What excites them most in all the world?  What is their fantasy or dream life? (eg time with children, time for holiday, gym)

7.  What terrifies them?  What gives them indigestion?  What keeps them awake at night? (eg family leaving you as you are never there.  Children growing up never knowing you.  Wife finding a new relationship)

8.  Books – what books do they typically read?  (eg Personal growth, business strategy, Financial Times, Entrepreneurs Weekly).

9.  What is the no 1 problem in their life right now that – if you could solve it – they would pay you any amount of money for? (eg stop the stress, exhaustion, alternative to their 80 hour weeks etc)

Create An Avatar Profile For Each Targeted Niche

Having done the exercise above – now choose your niche and create a different profile for each of those niches.

Be specific about what ad will appeal to them.  What they will take notice of – what are their problems – eg time freedom, financial freedom, time with family etc

Write headlines/ads that would speak to that prospect/avatar – as if you were talking directly to your avatar.  Focus on them!

Get domain names that jump out at them – that talk to them.  Keep them congruent and not generic. Eg TimeFreedom.com or similar.

Link your domains to the right websites keeping that congruency.  Use the words of the website(landingpage) in your ad to keep that link rolling well!

Find the list of places to advertise.  Where do you find your avatar online?  Which websites will they visit?  Where will they go for help and advice about the business that they are in?  Check Alexa.com which gives high traffic sites related to where you are looking ie entrepreneur.com.  Download their free toolbar which gives the ranking on any site you or your avatar are visiting plus the related high traffic ones you are seeking.

Finally, get into your avatar’s heads – remember why you started looking in the first place.  What did you look for?  Where did you look?  What did you put into the search engines?  Who are you?  What was your niche?  You will understand them if you do your homework!

Good luck with choosing your avatar!

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Understanding The Rules Of Facebook

Network marketer? direct sales? MLM’er? whatever the niche you are working in Facebook, with its 900,000,000 visitors online is where it’s at!  If you are not utilising the power of Facebook then you are going nowhere fast!  Seriously! The rules are long and strict – if you want to advertise and not get kicked off, shut down or banned for life then it is vitally important that you not only read extensively those rules, but also implement them absolutely, completely and utterly!

Facebook and Images

Understanding The Rules Of Facebook

Understanding The Rules Of Facebook

Facebook absolutely will not approve any ads that have images that are any of the following:-  political, sexual, shocking, scare tactiacal, horror-based, overtly sexual, focusing heavily on particular body-parts or  Non-existent functionality ie pictures or images of buttons with click here or go here or showing buttons that are actually not clickable.  You will definitely not get your ad approved it you do this!

Avoid using Facebook brand images at all – whether it’s their name, logos or anything related to them.  Facebook sees this as you attempting to delude your customer into believing you have a pre-determined agreement with them and they will close down your ad!

Facebook And Infographics

In case you are not sure what these are – they are basically images (pictures) overlaid with a lot of text.  Facebook will NOT approve these!

Facebook and Accuracy

Everything you write in your ad has to be absolutely transparent, not misleading and must be described accurately whether it’s the offer, the landing page or the subscription you are asking for.  It has to be abundantly clear to the person clicking on it exactly what they are offered and what they are being asked to do and where it leads to in terms of any on-cost!

All claims made in your ad must not be unsubstantiated claims relating to price, performance, results etc.  All claims must be reflected on the landing page that you are sending people to.  And this landing page MUST be within Facebook – ie your Fan or Buysiness page.  Facebook is so likely to disapprove of any ad that takes its visitor outside of Facebook.  Why?  Their ad revenue is inside!!

User Attributes – Understanding what is acceptable relating to the financial status of your readers for eg.  You can offer the best solution for their financial needs but you cannot use words to capture their attention using shcock tactics – eg broke?  Bankrupt? etc.  This Facebook will definitely not accept.

The same applies to ads within the health and wellness industry -  even though we know that there is a huge percentage of the world that is grossly overweight – way beyond what their health will tolerate – you cannot use this in ads.  For example it is not acceptable to use the words – damaged by obesity? but it is acceptable to have a headline that asks the question – are you affected by obesity?  Subtle but important difference as far as Facebook is concerned!

Facebook Demographic Targets

When you are putting together your ad – you are given the option of the demographics that you are targetting.  The ad copy MUST correspond to the likes and interests related to your demographic target audience.  Your offer must relate to what they like.  Following that through – your landing page and/or destination url must also be congruent with the ad.  Congruency is definitely the name of the game here!

Always be careful to check the Web of Trust – Facebook will not approve ads that lead to sites that WoT have designated as abusive.  Do your homework!!

And Finally – Types of Offers That Facebook Deems Acceptable

We have all seen the get rich quick, work from hom, mlm ads that abound within Facebook.  Anything that smacks of get-rich-quick is now being removed systematically and quickly from Fcebook who have definitely upped their game in this respect.  In a nutshell this is an ad that promises the moon for little or no investment.  Well, we all know that has to be a scam! right?

MLM or similar – this is not allowed without fully describing the product, the opportunity, showing complete transparency with an up-front, honest, open ad showing the participation and/or business opportunity.  this area of advertising is heavily policed within Facebook.  Don’t risk being shut down! follow the rules! Be honest and open!

And last but not least – the ‘Like’ button!  What is it for?  Literally that – for people to ‘like’ you, your fan page, your business page, your offer, your post.  NOT for:

Like our page to receive updates OR

Like ad to see the video  OR

click like if you agree!

This is a clear abuse of the like button and Facebook will not tolerate it, anymore than it will tolerate copying and using any of its images, logos etc in any way shape or form!

Here’s To Your Success On Facebook!


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